Thank you for your interest in Abode’s indoor air quality standards 

At Abode, our product quality is our priority, and set to the highest standards. Every one of our products is manufactured to a set of technical specifications that we dictate, and we’ve developed a strict quality control program to ensure that all our floors meet those specifications. 

We also set our own uncompromising standards when it comes to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and formaldehyde emissions topics, which are very much on consumers’ minds these days. We go far beyond what regulations require to ensure our products are meeting the strictest indoor air quality standards, including regular third-party testing and employing a full-time Environmental Compliance Officer to monitor our QC program and triple-check their work. Why? Because it matters, and we strive to do the right thing and stand behind our work. 

CARB and TSCA: It’s the law

CARB (California Air Resources Board) certification limits formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products—including the plywood and MDF cores used in Abode engineered floors. CARB is law in California only, but the US Environmental Protection Agency has adapted the regulation for nationwide enforcement as a new title or section to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), called Title VI.  

Neither CARB nor TSCA regulate flooring directly; rather these regulations set limits on formaldehyde emissions from specific composite wood products–namely plywood, fiberboard (MDF) and particle board, which are utilized as cores in Abode engineered flooring. All Abode floors produced with plywood and MDF core components meet 
CARB/TSCA formaldehyde emissions standards, regardless if they are being sold in the U.S. or Canada. (The Canadian government is currently developing a regulation to govern formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products. Since it is expected to be aligned with TSCA, all Abode products should be able to comply without difficulties).

Beyond CARB and TSCA: CA Section 01350 Compliant 

But CARB and TSCA only regulate the core of the floor. We go a step further: We test Abode against CA Section 01350, which sets allowable formaldehyde emissions level at less than half of CARB/TSCA. More importantly, CA Section 01350 tests the whole product that goes into your home, not just the core, and it tests for thousands of other chemical emissions in addition to formaldehyde. CA Section 01350 gives a much more comprehensive indication of a product’s impact on your indoor air quality than either CARB or TSCA alone, and is recognized by LEED as a qualifying attribute for low emitting materials credits. All Abode engineered flooring is CA Section 01350 Compliant. 

A new standard: GREENGUARD Gold 

At the end of 2018, we made a commitment to go further still and undertook to have our products certified under the GREENGUARD program of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), one of the largest and most respected product safety organizations in the world. A year later, the majority of our Abode line carried GREENGUARD Gold certification. We are pleased to note that we had to make no changes to our production inputs to meet the Gold standard. 

GREENGUARD Gold certification establishes a very low Total VOC (volatile organic compounds, or airborne chemicals) level and sets emissions for specific VOCs at 1/100th of the U.S. Federal Government’s Threshold Limit Value (TLV) for occupational exposure.  

According to the UL, GREENGUARD Gold certification is, “designed to define low-emitting materials suitable for environments where people, particularly children and sensitive adults, spend extended periods of time, in particular schools and healthcare facilities.” 

GREENGUARD Gold certification complies with CA Section 01350 as well, so it is recognized by LEED as a qualifying attribute for low-emitting materials credits.   

We take the health of our customers and our responsibility to the greater environment seriously. We are active participants in our industry associations, and work with them to develop best practices and respond to regulatory demands. We hope that this information has been useful, and thank you for considering Abode flooring for your home.